Mid Mod Dresser Make Over

In the market for a mid modern dresser.....

I am falling in love with the mid modern furniture due to it’s simple design and yet classic touch.

The above dresser is really pretty, but I am kinda wanting a lower sitting dresser with six drawers. I think it would look awesome in our bedroom and would go great with the turquoise and orange theme I am trying to go for. I was thinking a nice large lamp and a few plants would look really nice.


I found a mid mod dresser at an antique store for $110!!!! Even the lady at the store was surprised by the price. Every where I’ve looked these things are going for a minimum of $160. So to score this one for so cheap was awesome. I will show you the before pics and some of the updates I’ve made to the dresser.

Cute mid mod dresser I scooped up from an antique shop in Denver off   Santa Fe and 8th.

Cute mid mod dresser I scooped up from an antique shop in Denver off Santa Fe and 8th.

Okay, Update on the dresser. I decided to put a light teal border around the drawers of the dresser front. I also painted the inside of the drawers and lined them with fabric and Mod Podge. I was looking for liners for drawers at Lowes and was extremely turned off by the few floral patterns I had to choose from. I searched for some ideas for liner ideas and came up with a tutorial on using Mod Podge that I bought for about $9 at Hobby Lobby and a yard of fabric for about $4. I then measured the inside of the drawers and cut the fabric to size and put a coating of Mod Podge on the back of the fabric using a paint brush. Then I sealed the fabric in the drawer using more Mod Podge. Then I painted the sides of the drawers using some paint samples from Lowes that cost about $3 each. I now use my cute dresser for shirts and under garments.
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Feeling inspired by turquoise and orange.

Hello everyone!  I have been contemplating and day dreaming about what colors I want to use for mine and my husbands room. I am really feeling the light colored turquoise, orange, and cream. Target has that exact color scheme currently in the home decor collection section. I have also seen a lamp at both Target and Home Depot that I really want to purchase for the room. The rest of the decor like accents and furniture I feel like I should be able to make myself.


Image from Log Home Decor http://www.thedecordiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/orange-turquoise.jpg

The blinds seen in the above photo are like the ones we have in our dining room and in our kitchen. I wouldn’t mind getting some more for our room and the living room.

I think that a pop of chocolate or even a bit of burgandy/purple would help to give a pop.

Image from Target.com

Image from Target.com

I seen this bedding set tonight at target fro $65 and it includes two throw pillows, two Euro pillow covers, the bedding skirt, sheets, and bedspread. Quite the deal if I might say so. I also like the white and chocolate in the mix as well.


Well I should be off to bed now, but I will post some more to this blog once I get started. I think I would like to pick out some new bedding first and pick out a head board too. I want to make my own head board out of wood and I would like to upholster it. I also have my night stand project that will be included.  Good night!



I wanted to post a picture of a nightstand I bought for $18 at a used furniture store. It use to have doors at the bottom and I took them off. My plan is to add some feet that I found at Home Depot for like 3-4 dollars a piece. Then I want prime it and paint it a solid color. The border around the front of the drawer will be painted another color to make the drawer pop so that maybe it won’t seem so bulky. I also found a really cute vintage looking lamp to set on top. I think a basket at the bottom would be cute. It could hold books and magazines.I think what would also be cute would be to use a wall paper or some type of drawer paper to line the inside of the bottom piece. This baby has potential written all over it. I am still in the works in deciding what color scheme I’d like to do our bedroom in.


Blog genesis of Samantha Monell.

I feel pretty amateur at blog writing as I have never done it before. I think it’s wonderful that people have found blogging as a way to reach out to others with similar interests. I have decided to start a blog for several reasons. I think it will be beneficial to be able to connect with others who have wisdom and expertise when it comes to technique and the ability to think outside the box.  I also feel it will help me to dig deeper into my hunger and enthusiasm for crafty things. I think a blog will be a great way to share with others what I have learned and for myself to be able to look back and see my progress.

My husband and I bought a house in August of 2012, and we finally spent money on buying some new couches for the house, which was hard for us to do since we were used to living like college kids and penny pinching. It wasn’t until recently that I had the dilemma of trying to spiff up the house on a dime. I’ve been reading into many blogs of furniture restoration and creative ways to transform thrifty finds into beautiful home decor.

Recently I have taken on a $15 dollar chair from Savers. This one is super cute, but as I have discovered the detailed spindles on the arm rest and the legs are a pain to sand down. I have invested in a dremel to hopefully alleviate some intense sanding. The chair had no cushions when I purchased it, so I made a bottom and top cushion. My back cushion is made of a canvas fabric I bought a Joanns during a sale. The bottom cushion is also made from fabric I bought at Joanns. The cushions alone were a challenge. I have literally not used a sewing machine since I took Home Economics in junior high school. With the consultation of a book borrowed from the public library I was able to create an envelope cover for a pillow I bought also at Savers for about $2. I bought a box cushion from Savers as well for $2 but the cover failed the first time around. It was suppose to have a zipper, but I scratched that idea and just created a box cushion with out a zipper and stuffed it with the filling from the Savers cushion and a bit of filler from Joanns. The sanding is coming along but I still have the legs to go. I will be pre conditioning the wood, then staining it Espresso, and finally sealing it with polyurethane.

Total Spent on Chair: $60

$15 for Chair

$5 for cushions

$20 for fabric

~$20 for staining, brushes,sand paper

This project was a bit pricey since I had to buy the fabric and stain and start up supplies, but when you compare it to the $350 chair I wanted at our local furniture store it was worth every penny. Plus, I feel like I’m learning a lot. I think I might be  a chip off the ol’ block since I can remember several instances growing up that my parents were spiffing up worn out furniture and putting it to use.

Thanks for reading if you did. Hopefully I will learn the trade of blogging as I go through my adventure.

Chair found at Savers. I am currently sitting in it as I blog this post.

Chair found at Savers. I am currently sitting in it as I blog this post.