Feeling inspired by turquoise and orange.

Hello everyone!  I have been contemplating and day dreaming about what colors I want to use for mine and my husbands room. I am really feeling the light colored turquoise, orange, and cream. Target has that exact color scheme currently in the home decor collection section. I have also seen a lamp at both Target and Home Depot that I really want to purchase for the room. The rest of the decor like accents and furniture I feel like I should be able to make myself.


Image from Log Home Decor http://www.thedecordiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/orange-turquoise.jpg

The blinds seen in the above photo are like the ones we have in our dining room and in our kitchen. I wouldn’t mind getting some more for our room and the living room.

I think that a pop of chocolate or even a bit of burgandy/purple would help to give a pop.

Image from Target.com

Image from Target.com

I seen this bedding set tonight at target fro $65 and it includes two throw pillows, two Euro pillow covers, the bedding skirt, sheets, and bedspread. Quite the deal if I might say so. I also like the white and chocolate in the mix as well.


Well I should be off to bed now, but I will post some more to this blog once I get started. I think I would like to pick out some new bedding first and pick out a head board too. I want to make my own head board out of wood and I would like to upholster it. I also have my night stand project that will be included.  Good night!



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